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Moving a home from one location to another is never an easy task and it’s also very time-consuming. Getting rid of stuff you don’t need, finding things you forgot you have, and packing, it’s a lot. Packing your entire house, packing antique items, fragile items, items you never use, and items you use on a daily basis takes a lot out of you. 

Our professionals at Three Star Moving & Storage are experienced in packing and moving and can take on the task of packing your belongings, affording you some peace of mind. We use specific packing methods to reduce waste and manage our time efficiently. Our packers are also proficient at the assembly and disassembly of specific items that require special attention during relocation.

We can handle all types of items that require special care, including lamps, dishes, television sets, pianos, antiques, and more.

We offer different levels of professional packing services, including:

  • Full Packing Service- Our moving and packing company will pack all of your precious items, all at affordable rates.
  • Reduced Packing Service- for those who would like to reduce packing costs but need some help with the big move, we will pack only your most fragile items.
  • Basic Packing Service- you pack most of your belongings before moving day.

Our professional packing team will pack, label, stack, sort, and secure all of your boxes and packages to ensure a successful move.

Protect your valuables by hiring a professional, licensed, and insured moving company to take care of your relocation.

By utilizing our moving and packing services, you will save valuable time and energy. Not all packing companies are the same, Three Star will arrive to pack your goods at a time that is convenient for you, always being professional, respectful, and responsive. 


Packing your home is a tall order. Your kitchen alone is enough to make you pull the sheets over your head. There are so many items, so many awkward shapes, so many fragile pieces. We get it. The good news is, we know exactly how to safely transport all of those things. 

We are a dedicated moving and packing company with a team of packing pros who will not let you down. Your home is full of valuables, both sentimentally and financially. You can trust us to get your residential packing needs taken care of with the utmost care.

Ask us about our White-Glove Moving Services for the most stress-free move.


Packing up and moving your office is a completely different animal than packing up your home. At Three Star, we take the time to properly and securely pack all of your business’s technology, filing cabinets, paperwork, computers, screens, desks, and everything else.

We understand that when you’re not working, you’re losing money. Packing and moving your commercial space with ease and efficiency, so you can get back to it, is our goal. 


Here are some packing tips to live by:

  • Donate, toss, keep piles will ensure you don’t pack unwanted items, wasting time and money.
  • Pack early.
  • Don’t leave voids in your boxes, fill those spaces with paper or bubble wrap (or linens, towels, clothes, etc.).
  • Don’t overpack your boxes, you’re asking for trouble if you do.
  • Keep heavy items in boxes that best fit their size and shape, only one heavy item per box.
  • Use the right boxes for the item and safeguard the item properly (don’t put stemware in with plates, be sure to wrap each delicate piece separately, etc.).
  • Don’t pack items you need immediate access to with items you don’t.
  • Label your boxes.
  • Detail if a box is fragile (in red preferably).


Those square objects hanging on your walls and sitting by your bedside are not just pictures, they are memories.

That huge statue that has been in your home for over 5 years (although you can’t quite recall how it got there in the first place) is not just a nuisance anymore; it’s now part of the family! 

From the first roll of tape used to the last box labeled, our team of professional packers and movers will pack your entire home right before your eyes. Call on our professional moving team today.

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