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Three Star Moving & Storage is one of the leading moving and relocation companies out there, and we’ve been one of the top-rated short and long-distance movers for years. We know just how much stress a move can put you under, and we’re all about making sure that the stress is less and your move is as effortless as possible.

We do this with friendly staff, superior moving equipment, vehicles in every size and we’ll even supply the packing materials that you need for your move.

We can also help with moving furniture – and we’ll take special care with your cargo. Here’s more information about our furniture moving service and why we’re the experts.

We’re the Furniture Moving Experts

We’re the furniture moving experts. It takes special care to move furniture from one point to another, and that’s why you shouldn’t hire just any other moving company for your needs. Instead, hire us.

Here are some more good reasons why you should hire us, whether you’re planning a local move or a long-distance one.

  • Professional moving equipment.
  • Helpful and friendly staff.
  • High quality packing materials.
  • Professional packing and unpacking service.
  • Furniture assembly and re-assembly.
  • Our no-damage guarantee.
  • High quality furniture disposal.

Furniture Moving

Moving furniture requires a special touch: It has to be packed properly and moved with care, and again unpacked just as carefully at the end destination. We’ll ensure that your furniture arrives safely – and that’s a guarantee that a lot of other moving companies out there just can’t provide you with.

See why people prefer us for their moving needs, whether long-distance or local?

Packing Materials Supplied

Not enough packing material to pull off your move? No problem. We’ll supply you with high quality packing materials (including boxes, bags, bubble wrapping and more) to ensure that your furniture and other items can be transported safely and arrive at the end destination just the same way they left.

Furniture Assembly & Re-Assembly

We can help with more than just furniture moving; if you need furniture assembly and re-assembly, sometimes suited to bigger and bulkier types of furniture that just can’t be moved in one place, we’re the team to help. Our movers are experts at taking apart and putting together furniture for relocation with care.

Vintage Furniture

Vintage and antique furniture pieces are valuable – and always have a special story to tell. These need to be moved with very special care, and it can be risky. We guarantee that we’ll take only the best care of your vintage furniture if you have specialized moving needs: If you need to relocate your furniture from one point to another, contact Three Star today.

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