Piano & Heavy Moving

Three Star Moving & Storage is one of the leading home, commercial, general and specialized moving companies out there. We emphasize excellent customer service, friendly staff, only the best vehicles and added extras like packing materials included to make sure that it’s an easier process getting from one point to another.

Whether it’s a local move or something out-of-state, we’re the company to contact. We’ve helped hundreds of home-owners and businesses with their relocation needs all over the country – and we can help you.

Planning a move – or bought a piano and need to find a place to put it? We can even help if you’ve just sold a piano and need to cover the transport.

Here’s more information about our specialized piano moving service – and why you should hire us.

Moving a Piano? Hire Us

A piano is a pretty delicate piece of equipment, whether we’re talking baby grand, full-scale grand, honky-tonk or electronic. It can also be one of the hardest and heaviest things to move, especially when we’re talking about heavier (or older) piano models that need very special care to relocate.

Don’t hire just any moving company to help you move a piano, whether you’re relocating or you’ve recently bought or sold one. Hire us: We care about the cargo we move, and that’s what makes the difference between us and every other moving company out there.

Moving a Piano: What We’ll Do

We’ll make sure that your piano is safely encased in high quality packing materials before the move to ensure no bumps, scratches or pressure along the way; from there, we’ll bring in state-of-the-art moving equipment and our staff to lift the piano up and move it over to one of our trucks or trailers.

There, your piano is padded and strapped to make sure that it won’t move around during transit – and from there, we’re off on the journey to your end destination.

Hire us, and you have the guarantee that whatever you’re moving (whether it’s a piano or all the contents of your house) will reach its destination safely – and that’s our word.

Once your piano has reached the end, our staff will move it to where you’d like to put it and then remove the necessary packing materials. We’re done!

And it was a heck of a lot easier than having to do it yourself. In fact, you won’t have to lift a single thing.

Special Moving Services

If you need specialized moving services, Three Star offers a lot more than just moving pianos. We can also help if you need to move, pack or transport anything else – including heavy or fragile cargo, or the contents of entire homes or businesses.

More than moving, we also offer collection-and-disposal services for everything from abandoned electronics through to paperwork; we’ll ensure that it gets disposed of in an environmentally- friendly way, too.

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